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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessment of Camel Production Practice in Elida'ar District, Awsi rasu Zone, Afar Regional State, EthiopiaFuad Ahmed Hassen; Mengistu Urge; Yosef Tadesse
2016Assessment of Commercial Fattening Practices and Fattening Performance of Beef Cattle in Selected Districts of East Shoa ZoneGenet Dadi; Mengistu Urge; Tsegay T/brehan
2016Assessment of Feed Resources and Identification of Coping Strategies during Drought by Pastoralists and Agro-Pastoralists at Gode District of Somali Region, EthiopiaAlibashi Dahir Abdi; Getachew Animut; Mengistu Urge
2011Assessment of Livestock Husbandry Practices, Available Feed Resources and Utilization in Kebribeyah District of Somali Regional State, Eastern EthiopiaMuhyadin Mohammed; Mengistu Urge
2010Assessment of Quality and Quantity of Feed Resources and Feeding Practices in Miesso District of West Hararghe Zone, EthiopiaKassahun Gurmessa; Mengistu Urge
2010Assessment of Traditional Cattle Fattening Practices and Feedlot Performance of Hararghe Highland CattleTsigereda Fekadu; Mengistu Urge
2009Assessment of Village Rhode Island Red Chicken Management Practices in Cheha Woreda and Evaluation of Different Levels of Brewers Dried Grain on Growth Performance of the ChicksDirsha Demam; Mengistu Urge
2016Availability of Feed Resources, Utilization and Seasonal Dynamics in Nutritional Characteristics of Indigenous Browse Species for Ruminants in Eastern Zone of Tigray, Northern EthiopiaKibrom Gebremeskel Abraha; Mengistu Urge; Yayneshet Tesfay
2012Comparative Feedlot Performance of Washera and Horro Sheep Fed Different Roughage to Concentrate RatioAssefu Gizachew; Mengistu Urge
2017Comparative Performance Evaluation of Gumz, Rutana and their Crosses and Designing Conservation-based Breeding Program for Gumz Sheep in North Western Lowlands of Amhara, EthiopiaYohannes Dagnew; Solomon Gizaw; Mengistu Urge; Yosef Tadesse
2011Comparative Performance Evaluation of Hubbard Classic and Cobb- 500 Commercial Hybrid Broilers Fed Ration Containing Imported or Local Protein BalancerZena Kidane; Mengistu Urge
Jan-2015Comparative Performance Evaluation of Three Local Goat Types of Ethiopia Growth Carcass Skin and Leather Quality CharacteristicsDereje Tadesse Gulich; Mengistu Urge
2011Comparative Study of Egg Laying Performance, Fertility and Hatchability of Horro, Koekoek and Lohmann Silver Chicken Breeds under Intensive ManagementAregaw Abera; Mengistu Urge
2012Comparison of Supplementing Urea Molasses and Urea Atela Blocks on Feed Intake, Digestibility, Body Weight Change and Carcass Characteristics of Male Black Head Ogaden Sheep Fed Natural Pasture HayGeaush Fesaha; Mengistu Urge
Oct-2011Comparison of Supplementing Urea Molasses and Urea Atela Blocks on Feed Intake, Digestibility, Body Weight Change and Carcass Characteristics of Male Black Head Ogaden Sheep Fed Natural Pasture HayGeaush Fesaha Weldemariam; Mengistu Urge
2018Developing Breeding Strategies for Begait Cattle Genetic Improvement in Northern EthiopiaGebretnsae Mezgebe Weldeslassie; Solomon Gizaw,; Mengistu Urge
2018Dry Matter Yield and Nutritive Values of Local Grasses Used As Livestock Feed in Adola Reedde District of Guji Zone, Southern Oromia, EthiopiaGeleta Gobena; Mengistu Urge; Demissu Hundie
2017Effect of Age, Body Condition and Postslaughter Handling on Slaughter Characteristics and Meat Quality of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Eastern EthiopiaAli Seid Assen; Mohammed Y. Kurtu; Mengistu Urge
2011Effect of Concentrate Mix Supplementation to Urea-Treated and Ensiled Maize Stover on Feed Intake, Digestibility and Nitrogen Balance of Hararghe Highland SheepHirut Yirga; Solomon Melaku; Mengistu Urge
2014Effect of Different Levels of Soybean /Glycine Max/ Meal Supplementation on Feed Intake, Digestibility, Live Weight Changes, and Carcass Characteristics of Black Head Ogaden SheepKiflay Welday; Getachew Animut,; Mengistu Urge